useful source I love selling stuff on Craigslist in San Francisco. It’s a challenge to make the most mundane things somewhat interesting. You can gauge whether you’ve written a good advertisement by how many replies you get in the first 48 hours. 

http://www.riskmanagementconsulting.ca/paradays/1919 On the following ad, I received four serious inquiries within one hour (and one spammer requesting my attention for an urgent matter involving a furniture blowout), pretty good engagement for a used Target chair. 

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dating non christian reality church san francisco Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind accent chair from Target.

http://www.yellowrage.com/krabik/4070 Over the last two years, this thing has provided stable and consistent seating to a bevy of friends and kin… all of which have given rave reviews.

http://atver-acis.lv/tyre/3556 “Best sit of my life” Chris, Apt. 12

rencontre idylle “Whoa, this thing feels like a choo-choo train” My 4-year old niece

Its sleek yet sophisticated design has single-handedly put our humble little apartment in an echelon above other rival friend’s apartments.

While the fabric is immaculate, there are a few “character marks” on the legs. These are hardly noticeable…it came like this from the factory and most DEFINITELY was not due to my lack of spatial awareness while moving furniture.

I’ll miss this little beauty as I’ve had many fruitful and pleasant sitting sessions over the years, but alas, it’s time to pass on the torch.

We’re looking to let it (since it’s furniture and can’t talk, we don’t know what gender it identifies as) go for the jaw-dropping price of $40. And I’m told, by my wife, that similar chairs go for around a $100 on Target.com, so there’s that.

Why so cheap you ask? Well, we’ve recently been in contact with a wealthy Nigerian prince that has come into some trouble and promised us a large sum of money in return for a small up-front loan… so naturally, we’re buying a brand new Boco do Lobo living room set and investing heavily in Iraqi Dinar!

New furniture is coming soon, so it’s gotta go fast.

Serious inquiries only.

Must pick up.

Good luck!

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