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Hidden Gems in San Francisco

I’ve lived in San Francisco over four years now and today my wife surprised me with one of the best views in the city. I thought I had seen every notable vista in San Francisco…boy was I mistaken.

Grand View Park is located in the Sunset district.  It isn’t that well-known compared to other vistas like Twin Peaks, Bernal Heights, etc. Parking wasn’t a problem and the best views are easily accessible if you are able to walk up a few flights of stairs. Once at the top you’re treated to a breathtaking  (and sometimes windy) 360º view of rugged San Francisco geography. Ocean Beach, Golden Gate Park & Bridge, Downtown San Francisco, and Twin Peaks are all visible from the top of the ridge.

I snapped a few pics while walking around with my morning coffee.

Check it out on a Saturday morning and thank me later.

Grand View Park – San Francisco

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