“How hard is it to ride?”

cluj napoca speed dating Freebords can look deceivingly easy to ride, in fact, I remember experiencing this firsthand back in 2005.

http://socialocho.com/maria/1453 It was the summer after graduating from high school, and I had asked for a Freebord on my birthday. Armed with my mother’s credit card, I pressed “Confirm Order” on Freebord’s website and slipped into fantastic reveries about shredding my neighborhood runs; it was wonderful.

speed dating lleida A week later my Freebord arrived, and I headed to my neighborhood hill for the inaugural ride with my brother-in-law, Eric. I had been envisioning this day all week, and I was going to destroy this hill.

974 rencontre locale My first attempt was a disaster, but I just shrugged it off as unlucky;  it wasn’t until about ten or so spills later, I began to realize I might not be especially good at this.

best dating sites in ontario After one particularly good thrashing, I succumbed to the beating and stopped to examine my battle wounds.

adresse sofinco centre de paiement Meanwhile, Eric, who had been doubled over laughing the entire time, decided to give it a shot. While removing gravel from my knee, I hear the urethane begin to tear against the pavement and look up to see him effortlessly linking slides right past me. He glides to the bottom, jumps off, and begins an idiotic victory dance; I’m not amused

should you use your real name online dating He runs back up, giggling, quicker than he went down, but this time, he heads to the top of the hill. His second ride down is better than his first, so I jerk the board away from him thinking it should now magically work for me; it does not, and I end up with a pretty nice size swellbow. I did not learn to Freebord that day.

rencontre auch 32 Looking back, it always makes me laugh. It’s a perfect example of how some people can pick it up with ease while others (yours truly) take a little longer. It took me about a week to get to Eric’s level, and after that, I progressed much quicker.

cute things to say on a dating site So just remember: everyone is a beginner at some point, and for today’s Throwback Thursday, I’ve included a video with an actual clip that shows my first week of learning to ride a Freebord. If you are out there struggling to learn, don’t give up there is hope.

http://socialocho.com/maria/5668 The following footage has never been seen before, so have a laugh on me and enjoy.